Important Resources

Department of Homeland Security

Check Application Status

If you have filed an application with the U.S. CIS and you would like to find out the status of your pending application or petition, you can enter the case receipt number and learn the status of your pending application or petition at this site.

Online CIS Appointment

If you would like to talk to an immigration officer about your case, you can make an online INFOPASS appointment with the local immigration office at this site.

Department of Justice

Board of Immigration Appeal

The Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) is an administrative appellate body that has the authority to review decisions made by local Immigration Courts and the U.S. CIS offices.  This site contains information about the procedures and operations of the Board.

Portland Immigration Court

The Portland immigration court is where removal proceedings are conducted involving residents of Oregon.  This site provides information about court procedures, court forms and related information.

Department of Labor

H-1B Prevailing Wage

An employer must establish that the wage offered to the H-1B worker is equal to or above the prevailing wage before an H-1B petition is filed.  This site provides a wage source for determining whether the offered wage is equal to or above the prevailing wage.

Online LCA Application

Labor certification applications are required for most employment–based immigration applications.  This site allows you to prepare and file online labor certification applications.

Department of State

Online Immigrant Application (DS-260)

Immigrant visa applications at selected U.S. Consulates are filed electronically.  You will need to complete the online DS-260 applications for immigrant visas at this site.

Online Immigrant Visa Fee Payment

Fees for immigrant visa applications and Affidavit of Support reviews are paid at this site.  These fees must be paid before applications and supporting documentation are filed and visa interviews are scheduled at the consulates.

Visa Bulletin


The Visa Bulletin is published each month and provides the availability of visa numbers under each preference during the month.  Applicants for preference visas will not be able to obtain visas unless visa numbers are immediately available to them.  This site provides information regarding availability of visa numbers.

Visa Lottery Registration


People who wish to participate in the diversity immigration program must register in the program.   This site allows you to register in the program and be considered for the visa lottery.

9th Circuit Court

9th Circuit Case Law

This site provides a well-written outline of judicial opinions of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals relating to U.S. immigration laws.  These opinions interpret and explain immigration statutes and often serve as controlling legal authorities on U.S. immigration.

Additional Immigration Information

AILA Home Page

American Immigration Lawyers Association is an organization of immigration lawyers licensed to practice U.S. immigration laws.  This site provides the latest news and information about U.S. immigration.