Firm Philosophy

The firm’s philosophy is to respect each client as an individual, serve her interests the best way possible, and give every case the individualized attention it deserves.  To implement this philosophy, the firm’s principal attorney, Benjamin Wang, has developed a four-pronged “TEST”methodology to ensure that the clients’ interests are best served.

T” stands for talking to clients.  The firm’s attorney always starts a case by talking with his prospective clients.  This step can usually be done in one face-to-face conversation.  However, sometimes it can take several days or weeks, through many conversations and review of voluminous records, if a matter is particularly complex.  Through talking with clients and reviewing the key documents, Mr. Wang ensures he has everything necessary to develop a strong case.

E” means evaluating the facts and relevant laws relating to the case.  He reviews relevant facts to make sure that they are fully understood and supported by evidence for the record.  Afterwards, he focuses on the laws that are applicable to come up with options for the client.  Options are then fully explained to clients.

S” is for strategizing and finding the best course of action.  He helps clients determine the best course of action for them and formulate plans to reach their goal.

T” represents try hard to represent clients’ interests. He puts forth his best possible effort in developing his clients’ cases and works hard to achieve the goal he has set forth for his clients.  Hard work paves the way to the desired result – a successful outcome for the client.